Australian racing betting is alive and well in Australia. Aussies love horse racing and love to take time out of their day to place a wager on their favourite horse. Whether you want to wager on the trifecta or the daily double, Australian racing has it all and then some. Back in the 50’s the government of Australia was fighting a battle again bookmakers who took bets on racing. The government wanted the bigger piece of the pie. The losses were mounting up and they began to enforce licensing against those bookmakers who were taking illegal bets.

To this day it remains somewhat of an issue and the internet is the new battle ground that many governments around the world are considering to fight against. Greed is a powerful emotion and those governments are trying to find ways to tax the people on their winnings from internet gaming. Australian players like to have choices and those choices extend to where they choose to place their bets on the races they hold close to their hearts. It is, in their minds, their god given right to bet as they please and the government should have no say in the matter. Based on that, Aussie players have turned to the internet in droves to place their bets on the races. The odds are better, the convenience of being able to simply log on, make their wagers and not have to concern themselves with prying eyes is a strong factor in the decision to move to online betting.

Technology has had a large impact on the development of the online bookmaker. As the internet gained in popularity it gave people the chance to be exposed to sports that may not have had in the past. This exposure was seen in the types of sports online bookmakers were adding to their sites and willing to accept wagers on.  It is a safe bet to say that horse racing in Australia is well cemented and will not decline. The internet and the online betting sites are having a tremendous impact on the revenues the Australian government is receiving. Yes, there are many sites that are licenced to operate within the Australian jurisdiction but there are also many more that are not. They active accept bets and this added selection of betting sites is driving the pace of race betting online to record numbers. It only makes sense to benefit from competition and Aussie players are happy to do so through better odds, increase selection, improved information and more.

Australian racing offers a wide range of different types of bets that can be places. You are able to place a Win Bet, which is simply selecting the horse you think will win. You can place a Tore Bet, which pools together bets and winners are paid out as dividends. Another bet that can be placed is a fixed odds bet.  You can make a laying bet, a quinella, an exacta, a trifecta and a number of others.  Each of these bets has its own advantage. The advantages can be the difference between winning and loosing and in the end it comes down to some luck no matter how you play it.
Common sense should always be applied when betting on the races. Remember that the horse may perform well one day but not the next. They each have their own way of doing things and have unique personalities. Always remember that betting on the races should be controlled. Don’t go crazy and wager what you can’t afford to loose and when you win make sure you take some of those winnings and put it aside for a rainy day and another day of enjoying the races.

We have put together some great betting sites that will welcome Aussie players with open arms. Each offers a wide range of races to wager on as well as many other sports. Each site we promote here is established and has a proven history online. Online betting sites offer you better odds and improved payouts. They need to hit your local bookie is a thing of the past. Today it is all about online. Take the time to review our site as you will find some great information about the many sites that offer Australian racing options to you online.